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Primobolan – Lean Mass And Fast Fat Burning Agent

Meet the king of steroids, Primobolan.

Although this is subject to argument, it is considered one of the safest and oldest steroids in the market.  The fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger mentioned it a couple of times in his documentary Pumping Iron has added to its credibility.  The most popular body builder of all time was a primo buddy.  Not bad, not bad at all.

What is Primobolan? What is it for?

Primobolan is considered a weak steroid.  It is good in binding androgen receptor compared to testosterone. It is good in getting rid of the fat and at the same time a good steroid for the cutting phase.

Anti-catabolic and anabolic–Say What?

We usually see this when buying supplements but what does this mean?  Anabolic means supplying your bloodstream with aminos quickly while anti-catabolic means letting them go slowly to prevent blood aminos from dropping below the normal level.

Okay, what does that mean? To put it simply, it helps you retain your muscle mass even if you are reducing food intake. This is why primobolan is used before a body building contest or before a modeling stint.  Maybe that is also the reason why Arnie was using this before.

Be a Prick or Don’t be a Prick?

There are two types of Primobolan in the market, the injectable and those you can take orally.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages.  Of course if you detest needles and can’t bear the thought of jamming it into your skin, then the pill form will be your best option.

If you just want to test the water, then the oral primo will be ideal for you. If you are just trying to check if you want to take steroids, then one of the safest in the market would be the king Primo.  No need to be a prick on this.

Oh, Dope!

Of course, doping is considered illegal in the world of sports.  Steroids are still a no-no and is still considered cheating.  But just to mention it, Alex Rodriguez is as famous caught using Primobolan just as he is famous for dating Cameron Diaz.  Fellow baseball player Barry Bonds was caught red handed as well sometime in his career.

What’s in a Name?

There not a lot of Primobolan in the market.  Some of the mainstream primobolans are the following:

    Primobolan Depot
    Metenolone enanthate
    Primobolan S
    Primobol 100
    Primodex 100

Primobolan Cycle

If you are using just primobolan and not using other steroids or supplements, the injectable is ideal to be administered twice a week.  PCT should be 5 days after the last dose of injection.  When taken orally, 100 mg everyday of Primobolan tablets for 8 weeks followed by Clomixyl 50mg every day for week 9-11  plus 2 liters of water everyday all throughout the cycle would be recommended.

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Primobolan, Clenbuterol and Winstrol Stack:

Primobolan – Lean Mass And Fast Fat Burning Agent

Discussing the Negatives

Since Primobolan is a very mild steroid, it is considered one of the safest.  Any drug taken excessively can cause liver diseases.  Primo can also cause fluctuations in cholesterol levels and can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Its mildness can also be a cause of addiction and over dependency.

Just Mentioning

Just worth mentioning that while body builders commonly use steroids, Primobolan has been known to reduce tumor sizes since it can reduce the excretion of nitrogen in tissues.  It has been recommended to women suffering breast cancer.  It is said to reverse the effects of anemia.

Monday, December 15, 2014

How much of gains you lose after ending a steroid cycle

Losing weight after ending steroid cycle is the most of bodybuilder fears of. To get the most from steroids use, you will have to know not only how to properly plan your steroid cycle, but also how to come off to keep gains achieved over the cycling. Many bodybuilders get through dramatic gains lose after ending a steroid cycle and tend to believe that this is the way anabolics work and there is nothing to do. As a result appeared a common stereotype that gains given by steroids goes down once you cease their use.

The truth is that if abuse steroids and do not follow a post cycle therapy, than you have big chances to lose almost everything you have achieved during several weeks of cycle. Contrary, those who are on their first or second cycle and have a competent post cycle therapy will experience few, or almost no lose after coming off.

It all depends on your approach to post cycle therapy. Knowing how steroids work, will help you to understand what you need to take during PCT for preserving muscle gains.

When you load up big amounts of synthetic testosterone, your body naturally try to reach a balance. In result, it increases the estrogen level. When the testosterone use drops down, and your body doesn’t produce natural testosterone yet, the high level of estrogen in your system may cause unwanted side effects like gynecomastia. To struggle with this, you to have to take estrogens. It may sounds strange but our body work in a very specific way. As big doses of testosterone increases estrogen level, the same way adding estrogen will boost your testosterone. You will have to take them within few weeks during the steroid cycle, and continue with it two, up to four weeks after the steroids cease. During one month the body is able to restore the own testosterone production. The smoothly is the transaction to own natural testosterone, the more benefits of steroid cycle are stored. Also, side effects are kept far away from you. For this purpose are largely used Clomid or Tamoxifen, which greatly push testicles to create own testosterone.

Another effect that occurs after taking anabolic steroids is the catabolic one. If during anabolic process muscle mass grow, than during catabolic phase muscle cells are depleted. Our body tend to keep a balance between these two stages. That’s why it releases some special receptors in muscles that take in cortisol, the chemical that trigger catabolic process. Steroids block these receptors, keeping the body in a continue anabolic process. Meanwhile, body try to defend against it and creates more and more receptors. And when the steroid cycle is finished, these receptors which are in an immense number start a strong catabolic process that may “eat” almost all your gains.

In order to minimize catabolic effect after a steroid cycle should be included in post cycle therapy cortisol suppressors. You can choose from a wide range of products, most common choices being  B-Androstenetriol or 7-Hydroxy-DHEA.

The way you manage to keep under control estrogen and cortisol levels after coming off steroids directly depends how much pounds you lose. The better you do it, the more muscle muscle mass will be preserved.

Steroids are not given results alone. They accelerates muscle growth, but you have to train for this. The harder you work out, the bigger would be gains. When you go off steroids, a lot muscle stays. You should not expect to keep the same gains as in the peak of the cycle, since it will not be this way. Following an intense training program after finishing steroid cycle will help you to keep  most of muscle you build up.

Also, there is a big difference in muscle savings between those being on their first or second cycle, and the others who cycle for years already. The more steroids you have been taking during the years, the less testosterone your body produces. This means that after going off steroids, the body needs more time to get testosterone level back up and during which it loses strength and muscles.

If you will do a search on forums regarding loses after getting of steroid cycle, you will see that most of bodybuilders who used chemical enhancers advice you do not waste you first chance with steroids. People agree that the most amazing results can be achieved during first cycle. That’s why is very important to choose the right steroid which will provide you with lean muscle mass, and less water retention. You are recommended to begin with test-based injectable mixed with Dianabol. A 6-8 weeks cycle followed by a post cycle therapy is enough to pack on impressive muscle gains. And what is more important, since your body’s own testosterone production will recover pretty fast, the losses will be almost unseizable. But they will be.

After all of this being said, it becomes clear that losing some size and strength after steroid cycle is normal and it happens with all bodybuilders. But in what extend depends on how you manage post cycle therapy, your experience with taking steroids and your future training. Using a steroid that cause more water retention than others anabolic, would means more loss when getting off steroids. Also, individual genetics future may influence the way you stock on muscle mass.

It is not true that all gains are lost once the steroid cycle is finished. You will have more pounds than the moment you have started to take steroids, but  as much as on the peak moment of cycling. There is always some losses, and you have to be aware of this.

There is a psychological barrier every steroid user have to deal with. Keeping gaining muscle mass during weeks of cycling, and then  losing up to 10 percentage of it can be something hard to accept. People refuse to see the net gains, and are sorry about lost strength and muscle mass. Most of them get addicted to steroids or overuse them. So, keep the sense of reality and carefully compare before steroid cycle and after gains and do not on extremes.

In short, be ready to lose 5%-10% of gains achieved during steroid cycle. And this with condition conditions that you will continue to work out hard, follow a rich diet and get enough sleep.

Monday, December 8, 2014

The 6 pros for using short steroid cycles

Anabolic steroids help you build big muscles, but the main problem with them is the side effects they carry on. Long cycle are more effective in building big amounts of muscle gains, but there are big chances you will experience a huge drop in your lipid profile or such effects as acne, prostate hypertrophy or even baldness. Beginning with 4th week of cycle many of body indicators begin to worsen, so it is good to stop on this time. If you do so you can enjoy decent results, and almost no side effects.
This is the specific of short cycles. Generally, any cycle that has 6 or less weeks is called short cycle. You can organize the cycle in 2, 4 weeks, but every time it has to be followed by at least the same amount of time for recovery. The most popular is 4 weeks on, and 4 weeks off letting you to be free of steroids almost half a year. Short cycles benefits your body in many ways. Here they are:
Preserve muscle gains made during the cycle
Long cycles are followed by long time for recovery during which you lose a big part of your gains. If you are tired about it than you can switch to short cycles. Since the time your are “off” is much shorter, the losses in muscle gains are lower.
It is true that you have not to expected the big muscle gains as you used to during long cycles. But the main point here is that you are able to preserve most of it,  and all this with no side effects. What can be better than this?!
Keep you lipid profile in normal ranges
Anabolic steroids taken even in small doses affect your lipid levels. You have notice everytime you take steroids there is a big decrease in good cholesterol (hdl), and increase of bad cholesterol(ldl). In the first two weeks of cycle the hdl level lowers with almost 50%, while ldl raises with almost 40% during the first 4 weeks. The further you go, the worse situation is.
During a long cycle good and bad cholesterol levels reach dangerous thresholds and may lead to heart diseases. The best is to keep dhl level at least 40, the minimum being 35, while the ratio of good/bad cholesterol should be 3 to 1. Short cycle allow you to keep cholesterol levels under control and once it finished they return to normal values pretty fast.
Reduce the stress you put on liver
Oral steroids used for a long time affect your liver function. This is a fact and most of bodybuilders faced this problem. Going  for short time allow you to put less total stress on your liver and let it fully recover in the short time that comes after cycling.
If you already have some genetic predisposition to a liver disease than taking oral steroids, even for short time, can be dangerous for your health. Most of injectable steroids have no effects on liver, so you are recommended to choose one of them.
Prevent testicular shrinkage
After just a week of running a steroid cycle the Hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis (HPTA) begin to shutdown, affecting the size of testicules. Since this period is quite short, it happens in a very small degree, letting the HPTA to recover pretty soon once the cycle is ceased. The use of HGH is not necessary, but you can do it if you want.
No need to use antiestrogens
First of all, high estrogen level is bad for your prostate. Many of professional bodybuilders put their prostate function down because of taking powerful steroids for many weeks in row. You do not want it to be this way, so be careful with your estrogen level. Running a short cycle allow you do not take them at all, but if you want to feel safe and keep the water retention low, you can add them to your cycle.
Avoid side effects as acne, baldness, gyno or prostate problems
For all these side effects there are mainly two main cause: the dose and the period of administration. The worst is when you take big doses for long time, than some of these side effects are granted. Short cycles are safer, since even taken in higher doses the time you take them is pretty short, thereby side effects are easy to keep under control.
What short cycles can not give you?
Huge muscle gains. If you are a professional bodybuilder, than surely short steroid cycles are not what you need.  High doses for long time is what you search to keep up you muscle mass. Meantime, all those who just look to improve body shape with no other complications than short cycle is what they need to follow.
Short steroid cycles help you to gain decent amount of muscle mass, with almost no side effects on your health. Adding up to 10-15 pound of muscle gains during a 4 week steroid cycle is possible. Just make sure you follow a proper diet and exercise program.
What is really good with short cycles is that muscles losses during PCT are minimal. Which can not be said about long cycles, after which most bodybuilders lose out much more than 10%-15% of gained muscle.

Monday, December 1, 2014

SARMs for Post Cycle Therapy?

In the past, there has been a whole lot of speculation going around about; whether or not it is a good idea to use Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMS) on your Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). However, it is obvious that anabolic steroid is much more popular than SERMs among bodybuilders. Is it that they are believed to be more effective? The number of people using PCT is much lesser than those who opt to use SARMs on their Post Cycle Therapies. The main reason for this is that using Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators is not advisable at all. As a matter of fact if you use SARMs for your PCT, then it is the high you reconsidered.

Why is this?

Research has been conducted by various science sectors as to what the effect of SARMs and PCTs are to the body. Do they both help in mass gain? Which one is more effective? Do you need to use PCT while using SARMs? Some of the anabolic steroids used by many include the likes of Masteron, Oxandrolone and Primobolan.

By using such steroids, one gets much more suppression as compared to when you use SARMs. However, no conclusive research has been established to support this statement.

This will not be the first place where such a conclusion has been made. Most of the scientific research conducted by well-known firms tends to beat around the bush. The most popular statement that comes out of these researches is that ‘no element (x) has significantly been traced’. In other cases, it is said that the change I (x) was not significant.

Inconclusive research:
Contrary to what majority think, such statements do not mean what they seem to mean. There is a whole other meaning attached to them. Basically, they imply that there was no effect found on the exact amount used for the tests. Usually, little number of subjects are used for such studies. In addition to this, the variations experienced are usually random. Therefore, nothing conclusive can be established.

However, at the end of the day, there is usually a certain amount of threshold experienced. To state that ‘no effect’ was visible is basically incorrect. This explains why a number of scientific researchers claim that anabolic steroids have no effect on mass gain as well as enhancement of performance. The keyword here being “no”. The accurate conclusion should be that there was some change though it has no statistical significance.

Are SARMs non-inhibitory?

Well, the answer to this question is not conclusive at the moment. But the various researches are nothing to go by. AS shown above, the manner in which the conclusions are worded is somehow questionable. Whether or not they are non-inhibitory, they still are equivalent to taking anabolic steroids during PCT.

There effect is the same but the doses are what will set the two apart. If carefully used, SARMs tend to have a positive effect to the PCT. However, if arrogantly used, they tend to set back ones recovery.


Users of SARMs for their PCT have explained that it tends to go a long way in helping with the joint pains. However, this is not always the case. Yes, with SARMs, you will not necessarily need PCT. But, irregular use tends to have some negative effects on the body. There have been cases of eye sight turning yellow permanently for some.

In other cases, the recovery period is extended making the whole process rather unbearable. At the end of the day, why not be safe rather than sorry? Anabolic steroids are the safest bet although they too have their own flipside!