Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Time to Get More Recuperation

To monitor your progress and know when to advance to the next training cycle, monitor your power calculations for compound mass building exercises once per every four training phases
Besides the actual power calculation, compare your increases in power from week to week. As soon as a plateau or tapering off of gradual but constant increases in power occurs, it is time to move to the next training frequency cycle.
For example, you currently train in cycle one. You regularly make increases in power of 12- 15 percent every training phase. Then after calculating your current power factor, less than a 5 percent increase in power was made. This is your scientific means of measurement, your signal to advance to training cycle 2.
Once you are in training cycle three rarely will more rest help to increase growth.
Remember our goal is to shock your body into explosive muscle growth not just get stronger.
When training plateaus occur in training cycle three, try some of the following techniques to break plateaus:
1.Switch to a high repetition training plan for two weeks.
2.Take a full week or two off from training.(aerobics optional)
3.Increase caloric intake by five hundred calories per day for a week.
4.Cut out any aerobics.

The above techniques assume all these factors are optimal. Keep in mind that every person is going to progress at different rates. Some people may gradually increase power by four or five percent every four phases consistently. A drop of a percent or two is enough to consider more rest.
For other subjects a regular power factor increase of 10 percent is normal. For these individuals a drop to 5 percent is a signal to move to the next training cycle. For all subjects more experience will result in power factor increasing more gradual over time. As you become more experienced do not be discouraged with smaller percentage increments of three or four percent.

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