Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Reviews Of Steroids on The Basis of Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone enanthate is classified as a long-acting steroids. This drug is an ester of testosterone produced by the human body, being one of several chemicals that make up the testosterone. The objective of testosterone is the formation and development of male sexual characteristics.

If the testosterone in the male body produces in volume is below normal, or does not produce, then the chances of leveling, both functional and mental functions. One of testosterone enanthate applications is medicine. In particular, it shows women to use when you need treatment of some breast tumors, and teenagers and children are encouraged to take medication for the normalization of growth.

Medicine is not the only area of the drug, it is well known in sporting circles, where the steroid taking, wanting to build muscle. Of course, many believe that the problem of muscle growth and strength of will cope well and drugs like Anadrol 50, Parabolin, Finaject. This, of course, true, but with results that Allows athletes to achieve testosterone did not match any of these drugs. Testosterone enanthate is the European-made steroid, in its action and chemical composition is close to popular in the U.S. Testosterone cypionate. Duration of the impact of testosterone enanthate on the body lasts quite long, depending on the hormonal system of athletes and their metabolism. The average is 2-3 weeks, so the intervals between injections can be quite large. Although the athletes involved in bodybuilding, weightlifting or triathlon, despite the duration of exposure to testosterone enanthate prefer to take it at least once every 7 days, and even more often. This is largely explained by the small half-life of testosterone enanthate, is only one week.

In comparison to other Testosterone Enanthate testosterone has one significant advantage that makes it ideal for most athletes - strong anabolic and androgenic effects on the body, allowing a significant increase in muscle mass and strength in the shortest possible time. This steroid has received feedback from many athletes with the best hand. The reason for this rapid growth of muscle is commonplace accumulation of water in the body, which, to the delight of athletes, and is accompanied by increase of force. This property Testosterone Enanthate real find for the athletes who work in high-weight category, and dealing with weight lifting. In addition to testosterone enanthate the needs of athletes, bodybuilders, powerlifter can be satisfied only by Sustanon.

Reviews of steroids on the basis of testosterone enanthate is always talking about his excellent action. Although, of course, when the body builds up an athlete is too much water, it is impossible not to notice. Because of its shape does not look quite natural, and it feels like an athlete pumped water or air, which, however, far from the truth. It seems that the athlete is strong, as he was, although in practice this is not always the case. This is especially noticeable than on competition, and in the off-season periods, when all athletes are given the idea to increase muscle mass and for the use of testosterone in huge quantities. Therefore, taking Testosterone enanthate though and gives quick results, but it must be used wisely. In addition to the accumulation of water in the body with testosterone enanthate is another drawback - high degree of aromatization of the active chemical substance, so that it is converted into estrogen. This, in turn, leads not only to the accumulation of fat is difficult to output, but also the appearance of gynecomastia, or in other words, the phenomenon of feminization.

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