Monday, January 6, 2014

Why Do Famous People Take HGH or IGF-1?

Why do famous people take HGH or IGF-1? What makes these hormones so popular among the famous? Is it Illegal? Expensive? What does either of these hormones do?

First, HGH, Human growth hormone is something we produce, release into our blood stream for repair and growth mainly during sleep. HGH is a large protein based peptide hormone generally secreted from the pituitary gland in the brain. IGF-1 is somatomedin C or mechano growth factor; a protein that promotes growth and prevents the death of cells. It is insulin like/ resembling. (wisegeek.com) Knowing this, why take it/ use it? Well, HGH is “claimed to be the Fountain Of Youth”, IGF-1 supports cell division and growth. They are Both HOT in terms of usage towards building muscle and fast repair from injury, overall they are the hottest cosmetic item next to Botox! Think about it, if you were in the public eye and your appearance meant, well, your Job, you’d be hip to get on any and every health related bandwagon running. The name, “the fountain of youth” basically means “I, the famous person, can look youthful and amazing for a very long time if I supplement with one of these hormones.” Of course it’s popular.

Is either or both expensive? Well, according to my research, you would be looking at investing around $1600-$2500 over the course of a six month span for either one of these enhancement supplements. These prices are doable by the public, but much more accessible to someone who has the need to remain youthful for they’re Public life, like that of athletes, musicians and stars.

HGH is NOT illegal, however, it is banned from many of our productive professional sports. Recently many of our athletes have been in controversial positions with regards to HGH and IGF-1 supplements. They MUST be administered by a licensed physician, where I believe, if you have the money to pay for this, you should be wise enough to get it from a licensed physician and not some fly-by-night clinic or off the streets. Some of the problems for A-Rod were related to the ban as well as the Clinic he chose to go to. I hope he will find resolve to this issue.

What does HGH do for you? According to HGH supplement advice; as we age, our body experiences a decline in naturally produced and released HGH in the body. With this begins psychological changes and then physical. HGH supplementation can allow the body the opportunity to regain some of it’s muscle mass that is depleting and to then reduce the stored fats on the body. Injections have been noted to be effective in enhancing the sexual appetite, tighten skin as new cells develop, and bring back that sharp memory.

IGF-1 is tested to be more potent than Growth Hormone.  It in it’s recent research has been found to take old cells and turn them over into new cells. They can keep cells in as healthy a state as possible. It is a nucleic-acid launcher into the cytoplasm of a cell. Thus, HGH and IGF-1 together minimize damage to the DNA of an individual, they treat the blueprint of aging. (HGHBLEN.com) Together can literally be considered “the Fountain Of Youth.” This explains it’s popularity well.

In closing, HGH and IGF-1 are worth a look into when you are allocating cosmetic enhancement funds. Keep in mind you require 6-8 quality hours of sleep, consistent supplementation, water, stretching and consistent exercise all to keep your temple (body)healthy. You can do it!! Buy HGH and IGF-1 online http://www.halfpricegear.com/

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