Monday, November 25, 2013

Clenbuterol And Triiodothyronine

 Clenbuterol has taken a firm place in the "pharmacological arsenal" bodybuilders.

As for Triiodothyronine else Dan Duchaine said that this drug is a best friend of a dieting bodybuilder and his worst enemy. The phrase is too beautiful to be true. But almost all of it - the truth. At present, however, T3 is not the best preparation for burning excess fat - this is its bypassed metformin and DNP, and the worst enemy can be unambiguously is the latter drug.


To enhance the fat burning effect makes sense combined use of Clenbuterol and Triiodothyronine. Clenbuterol was almost indispensable at a time when caloric intake greatly reduced. It must be said that the high-carbohydrate diet, which many bodybuilders "confession" for much of the preparatory period, teaches the body to ignore this source of fuel as fat. And in a low-carbohydrate diet in our bodies can not adjust and switch to using "fat reserves" instead of "throwing in the furnace" proteins, which it extracts from our own so hard to build muscle. So, Clenbuterol puts everything in its place, causing the body to switch to a more suitable form of "fuel" - namely, the subcutaneous fat. That is the main purpose of Clenbuterol - utilization of fats and maintaining muscle during the "dry".

In Triiodothyronine usage the most difficult thing is its correct dosage. T3 too much - and you start to lose weight, a lot of weight. Moreover, the vast majority of it will fall exactly on the muscle mass. There were times when athletes lose "for triiodothyronine" up to 10 pounds of muscle - only because of errors in the dosage of the drug. It seems that it is very difficult to give specific advice - basically all depends on the experience of the athlete. But if used correctly, "on drying" drug gives an impressive performance, enabling fast enough to get rid of excess body fat. The use of clenbuterol results down-regulation b-adrenergic receptors, so it is welcome to limit two-week period, followed by a two-week break for recovery of b-adrenergic receptors. And here a very useful property of triiodothyronine have a positive effect on the activity of catecholamines (epinephrine, norepinephrine) and to thus upregulation (increased) b-adrenergic receptors.

Clenbuterol has many side effects, such as headaches, insomnia, anxiety and a general feeling of abnormal heart rhythm. "Remarkable" side effect is pronounced upper limb tremor (shaking hands). However, a week after the start of the drug all the side effects gradually fade. Admission Clenbuterol at doses exceeding 1.2 mg, for people can be fatal. So try to avoid unnecessary experiments to "enhance fat-burning properties" of the drug. The worst side effect of triiodothyronine definitely can be considered the abuse of this drug. Alas, make irreversible changes in the functioning of the thyroid gland is not difficult.
Contrary to some people's idea of clenbuterol as an ancient preparation, it was designed not so long ago. Immediately after the creation of Clenbuterol was in the category of iconic products - its properties endow anabolic and fat burning agent at a time! That is, the drug is, in theory, should also help to increase muscle and burn excess body fat. Truly, the combination for bodybuilders priceless. And this despite the fact that its structure was not clenbuterol hormonal drug that is initially been spared from the inherent side effects of anabolic steroids. Unfortunately, the inspection of clenbuterol and could not resist. First, it was quickly found that their structure newly created drug is as close to certain hormones, namely - to adrenaline and noradrenaline. Second, the properties anabolic Clenbuterol showed only in experiments on animals, persistently "ignoring" people, even in those cases where the dose was adjusted to 1000-1200 mg per day, which is simply not safe to live. Third, fat burner drug proved quite mediocre, only slightly exceeding the ephedrine and significantly inferior growth hormone, not to mention the DNP. However, in combination with the properties T3 fat burner Clenbuterol evidence is better, but still ... And, yet, despite this apparent frustration,

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