Monday, December 9, 2013


CALIFORNIA’S OMAR DECKARD knows size. Competing at a massive 260 pounds, the super heavyweight built his foundation by training like a powerlifter. Now his routine reflects a mix of those strength-lifting concepts and the higher-rep sets needed to bring about a muscle pump.
“Your first exercise is the most important one in your workout because that’s when you’ll be able to push yourself the hardest,” Omar says. “Choose mass movements like the bench press to start.”
To build your pecs, a squeeze at the apex of every rep is vital.

START: Lie squarely on the incline bench, which should be set at a fairly low angle. Hold the dumbbells just outside your shoulders.
MOVE: Forcefully press the weights up in an arc until your arms are fully extended above your chest. Reverse the motion, being sure not to overstretch your shoulders by lowering the weights below chest level.

START: This version of the pec-deck flye machine has handles instead of elbow pads. (Both versions of the pec deck are effective, acceptable choices.) Adjust the seat so that your shoulders, elbows and hands are on the same horizontal plane after you grab the handles.
MOVE: With your back squarely against the pad, forcefully bring the handles all the way together, making sure to keep your elbows up to make the movement more efficient and to reduce the risk of injury. Reversing the motion, allow the handles to go back to a point at which you feel a strong stretch in your pecs before beginning your next rep.

START: Lying across a flat bench, keep your glutes low, which affords you a greater stretch.
MOVE: Holding the inside edge of a dumbbell at arm’s length overhead, allow the weight to go behind you, keeping your arms straight, stretching your pecs and lats but keeping your hips down. Reversing direction, pull the weight back up, breathing out only after reaching the uppermost position to ensure that your core is stable throughout the movement.

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