Thursday, July 17, 2014

How Does Ipamorelin Affect the Body?

Ipamorelin is the newest muscle building peptide supplement in the body building and athletic markets.  The peptide is synthetically produced and releases maximum amounts of growth hormone. The growth hormone that is released from the peptides of Ipamorelin is one of the strongest seen on the market to date, pertaining to muscle growth and weight loss.

Ipamorelin, being a newly synthetic supplement on the market, is still being studied and under research for its effects on the body and how it works so well to produce muscle gain and weight loss. So far the findings for its effect on muscle growth are very positive. When Ipamorelin peptides release growth hormones, the cells go straight to the muscle to support its larger development and seems to steer clear of any possible bone or cartilage distortions. Researchers have also found that Ipamoelin does not decrease your body’s natural production of growth hormone. So your own individual growth hormone works as well, maximizing your muscle growth benefits.

Ipamorelin, has also been shown not to make one hungry. This of course is where the weight loss factor comes in. So not only does this new “miracle” supplement build muscle it helps you lose unwanted fat at the same time. Ipamorelin when injected in 200 -300 mcg amounts, releases very slowly in the body. This again maximizes the length it stays and works to help ward off hunger and build muscle. Another benefit of its slow release method is that it does not suddenly raise ones Cortisol and Prolactin levels, which leads to better results again.

While Ipamorelin seems like the next miracle drug for athletes and body builders, it does have a couple of discovered side effects such as a head rush feeling and headaches. It is best to start your supplementation of this compound at its lowest dose and build up if needed. It is also suggested that it be injected thirty to forty-five minutes before working out. By injecting Ipmorelin and then working out, when your body naturally produces its own growth hormone, one is getting the double benefit of both growth hormones working together, again maximizing results.

So Ipamorelin seems to be all the buzz within the exercise and health industries for a good reason. With little to no side effects and working along with one’s own body’s growth hormones, Ipamorelin fights off hunger while maximizing one’s overall muscle gains and prolonged post-workout success. More research and studies are regularly being done on this new compound but so far it seems as if the health and excursive industries have hit gold.

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