Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Benefits of Melanotan II

Melanotan II is known as a good way to tan. It is a hormone a synthetic hormone that once you intake causes a reaction within your body that results in a natural tan. Yes, it acts as a tanning agent. It is a perfect way to tan without being exposed to the sun. You can have the benefits of a beautiful tanned body all year while reducing the skin damage that you can get from receiving too much UV radiation. You always need some sun or an artificial tanning bed, but you don’t have to expose yourself for long periods of time, like you probably to get that desired tan. The tan looks natural.

Another benefit that is very interesting and caught my attention is that it can also help men and women with their sexual life.  Melanotan II has been found to significantly increase libido, causing powerful rock hard erections in males and increased desire in females. Great for those of you who want to have a better sex life with your partner! You know what that means, better sex life, better mood, and also a great workout.

Additionally it helps decrease the appetite by targeting an appetite suppression receptor in the brain. Once you start taking it, you will notice a decrease in appetite.

It is important you do know that if you stop using Melanotan II the tan will fade away and will become completed faded within four to eight weeks. The other benefits such as increase libido, sexual performance along with the appetite reduction will also fade.

You can find it as a powder form and it has to be mixed with liquid such as bacteriostatic water, so it can be injected. After opening the powder make sure you refrigerate.

If you are asking yourself the amount needed. It is recommended you start administering a higher than normal dose so that your system gets saturated with the hormone and you can start seeing the effects. You might have to have a daily dose or in some cases multiple injections per day, depending on how you want to look. Some people believe that the more they inject it the more natural effect they see but this is only a speculation since there is not factual evidence.

The results achieved will vary depending on different variables such as the exposure to the sun or tanning beds, body size, natural color and the users reaction to the hormone, among others. You will have to try the doses is the right for you. You use it and then start increasing the dose until you reach the results you wish for.

Start with 0.015 to 0.02 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per injection. This dose will be sufficient. Evaluate the reaction and go from there. Remember to be patient and that the results of taking Melanotan II is different for everybody. Increase amounts as needed.  Don’t forget to keep in mind to watch for your tolerance. It is important not to forget about your health while trying to look good.

Different studies have been made since Melanotan II was discovered in the 80s and they never displayed any harmful side effects. The biggest benefit is that is believed to be helpful against skin cancer since it is thought to reduce the possibilities of the disease or even skin damage occurring after the exposure to harmful UV rays.

Melanotan II doesn’t have any toxicity issues, so no worries there. There is no indication that any organs in the body are affected by the use of this hormone. On the other hand there have been cases reported of nausea, but after using 6 injections. Like I mentioned before regulate the amounts of your intake, evaluate how you feel and then go from there. You lower the dose if necessary.


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